Why Activelabs?

Helping you put the active
in activeCollab

In as little as one hour, get answers to your crucial questions and learn to start using activeCollab like a pro.

You already have enough of your own work to do — probably more than enough. The last thing you need is more work to do configuring activeCollab,  not to mention the pressure of being an expert to set it up right for your whole team!


This is your business or job on the line. You don’t have time to mess around.

After all isn’t activeCollab supposed to make your work easier, not create more work for you?

What you need is someone who knows what will work and what wont work with activeCollab — someone as knowledgeable with activeCollab as you are about your business.

  • Get tried and tested solutions, so you can hit the ground running.
  • Get insight and help from the beginning without falling into common pitfalls
  • Make a good first impression with your team who may already be skeptical about “another project management system” or software at all because they think it’s just more roadblocks to getting things done.