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When you need to create custom improvements, and you want it done right, with thought, finesse, and insight into your business, we can develop custom modules or consult, create, and manage the process for you.

Here’s what you get when you choose ActiveLabs:
    • User Interface Design and Development Experience

– it’s important that with any customization the end user is taken into consideration from placement of features to size of buttons and text, a poorly executed idea is detrimental to workflow and can slow down the learning and implementation process. Through our experience with website user interface design you get the added benefit of creative direction and design insight along with your development process. We work to ensure that developer mindset does not take priority and the end user is the key focus during development.

    • Feature Idea and Development

— We love to expand on good ideas and suggest improvements where needed to make ideas even better. We utilize our creative approach and passion for problem solving in design and web development to brainstorm with you and provide examples of how your ideas can be accomplished to best fit the need.

    • Daily use of activeCollab

– Your project will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of activeCollab both from our daily internal use and our experience with consulting clients from various backgrounds both business and personal.

    • In depth knowledge of existing patches and 3rd party modules

that could be adapted to fit your needs, to increase speed of implementation and suggest cost effective solutions to custom development. This also helps prevent overlap where valuable existing modules you’ve already purchased can be identified to solve a current problem without development cost.

  • Even beyond activeCollab, we can recommend web app, add-ons and other tools that would complement your workflow.

We make sure our clients get value, and know the “more” they can get out of activeCollab.

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