You’ve already got your day job, let us speed up your learning curve.

You are arriving here because you are a business owner or in some way you’ve been given the very important task of helping to manage the business you work for — by your choice (or maybe by force) that has brought you to activeCollab and through any number of Google searches for help, modules and custom development ultimately to us!  Why? Because you want to get the most out of activeCollab and you want to be up and running quickly (If you could go back in time to get setup and start using it yesterday, you would)

First of all, you are in the right place — we want to help and we can!  You already have enough to do running the business or completing your tasks without trying to figure this all out on your own.  That’s why we are here — to make your life easier!  That doesn’t mean it will be simple, there’s a lot of things to consider when setting up activeCollab — but we’ll be there right with you to help you through those questions.

You make decisions everyday in your business to help your clients based on your expertise, they rely on you for that — you can rely on us to help guide your decisions when it comes to managing that work for clients.

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Decision Maker

You are considering activeCollab and want to know if it’s the right package for you — we help to provide an indepth review of the software in comparison to other products if needed.  We are biased, only in that we want what’s best for you and will candidly share both the advantages and limitations of AC based on your business needs and workflow.   Add our custom development expertise and we can provide insight into what’s possible for the future with rough estimates for building any of your own requirements.

Jump Start

You’ve decided that activeCollab is the way to go, and you want to launch it asap — we’ll immerse ourselves in your business model and workflow to suggest the best launch sequence for AC and help identify any 3rd party modules recommended for a successful launch.  Plus, we’ll make note of any areas where custom development could improve the workflow — one of AC’s benefits that put any SAAS to shame.

Next Level

You are already deeply invested in AC and want to take it further — together we review your current setup, suggest improvements and help you with any current challenges to take things to the next level.  Also great for evaluating potential custom development to yield big returns in time and money for the team through automation and workflow improvements.

Looking for help for the next stage of your journey…We’re here to help!

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