Task Templates for activeCollab


With Task Templates, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel anymore.

Starting at the “beginning” isn’t always ideal—especially when it comes to creating new tasks in ActiveCollab. If you assign repeating tasks that aren’t on a set schedule, Task Templates saves you time by letting you create a template once—then re-using it as many times as you want.

Once you create and save a new template, it will always be available to use as a starting point. Just grab the template, put in the unique specifics, and choose who to assign the task to. If the same person always does the particular task, it can be assigned automatically.

With this module, workflow will be smoother and you’ll gain extra minutes in your day.

Task Templates lets you:

  • Easily create & access reusable task templates (that contain as much or as little information as you want)
  • Have templates on-hand for assigning tasks quickly
  • Filter your templates by keyword (for easy finding as your list of templates grows)
  • Stop copying and pasting recurring information

Benefit from:

  • Sped-up workflow
  • Fewer oversights and accidental omissions
  • Easier delegation
  • Another time saver? As your list of “Task Templates” gets longer, you can filter by keyword to find your template easily and quickly.

If you’re sick of copying and pasting recurring information, or re-typing the same tasks over and over, Task Templates will save the day.


Create reusable Task Templates to make assigning new tasks quicker and easier.

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