Homescreen Manager Pro for activeCollabHomescreen Manager Pro


When configured properly, the Homescreen is the most important screen in activeCollab. Shouldn't you have full control of what your users see here when they login each day?  We think so — that's why we created Homescreen Manager Pro.

This Pro series module is for Pro users who have more important things to do than spend their day configuring homescreens for other members of their team — even small teams with 5 members, not to mention those teams with 200+ users — let's not even imagine that.

What you get…

  • A quick way to get started with custom homescreens for all users
  • Bulk editing of Homescreens across all users, select users or roles of users.
  • The ability to choose a default tab for users, not just add secondary tabs
  • Optimization, when you see a way to improve the homescreen — you can push that to all users quickly and easily allowing optimal configurations instead of waiting to be sure
  • Consistency – Sync up all Homescreens to match or when you bring a new team member on board pick someone with a similar role and apply their homescreen as a starting point quick and easy.

We've worked to make this as easy as possible, set one user's homescreen the way you want — and apply this across a select group of users with one click.  You can even manage exceptions that might get in the way (apply to all user's except Joe because he's special and likes to configure his own) so you don't have to worry about overwriting important settings.

Get Homescreen Manager Pro today and say goodbye to visiting every user's profile when you want to make a system wide homescreen change.


Have full control of what your users see here when they login each day.

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